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Apr 7, 2022

Dream Job - Career Planning Strategies That Work

 Have you ever called a store or restaurant to ask for directions? The initial response is always the same-"Where are you coming from?" There are several significant factors to your Current Situation: location, work options in the local market or inside the organization where you are employed, family situation, financial condition, and physical health. It can be beneficial to jot down which things operate in your favor, and those that might hold you back. Sometimes it's easier to analyze the advantages and cons when we put them in paper. Here's a


Location: City—big population seeking healthcare

Job Market: Need for nurses

Financial Situation: Opportunity for overtime

Physical Health: Self & 1 daughter - good


Company: Hospital in financial problems

Family Situation: Single mom, 2 kids, pressure on time & money

Financial Situation: Rent costs rising; little savings

Physical Health: 1 Daughter has asthma

Irina, a Guardian Provider single parent, may need to reevaluate her allegiance to a hospital that is in financial crisis. She can start by examining alternative area nursing prospects. That way, she won't be caught unprepared if the hospital closes. Being proactive and examining possibilities will prepare her for the financial ramifications of a layoff. It also affords Irina options to move on prior to a hospital closure.

Many people have Dreams about a successful job, but take no actions to make the dreams come true. Do you really want to put up the effort it would take to make your goal a reality? Are you willing to figure out-and follow through on-the essential steps? It takes more than a brilliant résumé to make a dream come true. Talking to someone else who works in the sector is a useful first step.

Nathan, a Rational Field marshal, has been working as a theater management while getting a B.A. in Business. He has developed short films with a group of buddies. He built a website to exhibit the films, including those entered in 48-hour film festivals; kamikaze competitions that honor films created and shown within 48 hours. He is now contemplating about going to film school, but lives 1,000 miles distant from the nearest university with a Filmmaking program. Nathan realizes that the institutions can have different ideas, and plans to tour multiple campuses to see whether they are a suitable fit. He wants the freedom to express his own visions, without having to conform too strictly to a professor's limits. Some schools stress making commercially successful films, while others prioritize aesthetic worth. Talking to academic experts as well as professional filmmakers will determine the next steps. Nathan will be able to make an informed judgment on whether or not the reality of filmmaking aligns with his fantasy of a dream job.

Paula, an Idealist Champion, has always wanted to be a singer. She has entered a few local talent shows, but her repertoire is small, and her visibility is poor. She dreams about the dazzling outfits the adulation of her innumerable followers, but she isn't taking any steps to make it happen. Paula must make some critical choices. We must take action to make our aspirations come true. Without devotion and hard work, a feasible dream becomes nothing more than a fantasy.

Some folks simply don't know what they want to be when they grow up. Without a clear dream to pursue, individuals generally move into a field that is familiar to them in some way. Yet, they are able to recognize-and seize-an opportunity when it is provided. These are the people who will gain the most from the next step in the process; how to translate your talents into a vocation.