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Mar 31, 2022

Leverage Job Descriptions to Write Your Resume

 Job descriptions typically include substantial morsels you may use while building your resume. Read through each posting attentively and select the bullet points you want to address in your CV. For illustrative purposes, below are mock job-description bullet points coupled with accomplishment statements that speak to each bullet point.

Example #1:Build new business

Matching accomplishment: Increased client base 45 percent and grew territory 10 percent through the implementation of aggressive new business development strategies.

Example #2: Ensure safety requirements

Matching accomplishment: Cut OSHA violations 38 percent by revising the department's old Standard Operating Procedure document.

Example #3: Strong written communication skills

Matching accomplishment: Created and delivered a high-impact presentation to a gathering of 500.

Example #4: Solid project management abilities

Matching accomplishment: Delivered multi-million dollar project on schedule and within stipulated requirements.

Example #5: Possess great organizational and follow-through skills

Matching accomplishment: Serve as the right-hand person to the director of the company - precisely arranged travel itinerary, scheduled meetings, and screened telephone calls.

As you can see, job postings can act as a CV blueprint. So if you are unsure of what successes to highlight, use the information in the adverts to pinpoint which accomplishments are the most important and relevant to the vacant position.

If you are unable to discover suitable job descriptions, focus your resume on some of the jobs you did and their impact on the firm. For example, illustrate your abilities to lead your department effectively by writing, "Improved operations and productivity 65 percent by fostering a culture of responsibility." You can also exhibit pride in your work by writing, "Recognized as the department's 'go to' person."